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  • Appleosophy Instagram hits 25,000 followers March 21, 2019
    AUSTIN, TEXAS — We are proud to announce that we reached 25,000 followers on Instagram. Appleosophy is proud to reach this goal and we can’t wait what to look forward to moving on in the future. “I remember when Appleosophy only had 100 followers. Now looking back today, it’s amazing to see us have 25,000
  • Introducing the Appleosophy NowNeural series, helpful tips and how-to’s for your Apple devices March 19, 2019
    AUSTIN, TEXAS — Appleosophy would like to announce a new video series called Appleosophy NowNeural. The series that brings helpful tips, tricks, and how-to’s videos for Mac and iOS. About: This series will be feature helpful tricks, tips, and even how-to videos so you can get the full potential out of your Apple devices and
  • Appleosophy pulls Appleosophy Weekly podcast from Spotify March 16, 2019
    HOUSTON, TEXAS — Appleosophy Media has decided to remove the Appleosophy Weekly podcast from Spotify. The reason this decision was made was with the recent drama this week with Apple and Spotify. We do not agree with Spotify’s campaign. Another reason why we decided to pull the podcast from Spotify was that we believe that
  • Appleosophy announces coverage plans for the Apple March 25th event March 14, 2019
    AUSTIN, TEXAS — Appleosophy is proud to announce the coverage plans we have for Apple’s March 25th event. We will be doing live coverage of the event on all of our social media platforms, and the Appleosophy website, which will include a live blog of the event for people unable to watch it. Social Media
  • Appleosophy Limited Edition Vanilla lip balm. Now available for pre-order on the Appleosophy Merchandise Store. March 10, 2019
    AUSTIN, TEXAS — Appleosophy would like to introduce the Appleosophy Limited Edition Vanilla lip balm. At Appleosophy, we like to have unique and interesting products time-to-time and we are happy to announce that this will be one of our unique products that you don’t expect from us. The Appleosophy Vanilla lip balm is available for
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